The List Of The Major Credit Card Companies – Visa, MasterCard, American Express And More

There are several major credit card companies that exist in the United States today. In fact you probably already know the name like Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express just to name a few. The real question is which of these companies has the card for you.

Through the years the use of credit cards has been very helpful to many. Though some may have abused the privilege. Still having at least one major credit card with you has become very helpful.

Especially in times of family emergencies and situations that are beyond your control like storms, earthquakes and such wherein you need to do a lot of bulk buying. Cash is not even an option anymore since using your credit card will probably be the wisest and easiest choice.

With a lot major credit card companies today, you have a lot of options to choose from wherever you find it more reliable or more comforting to seek help with. Companies come up with their own incentives and rates for every kind of card they have.

Let’s just take it with Visa. You might think that Visa is only one credit card, when in truth under Visa there are a lot more types and categories that you can choose from. Varying in interest rates, features, and the kind of service you get from them. Like additional discounts on a certain stores or a higher credit limit when you reach a certain amount of credit.

With major credit card companies, you should know what kind you are looking for. Otherwise they will only swallow you up and give you all kinds of freebies in cards that you end up using and then drowned in bad credit. In all fairness, the fault is not with these companies but with the consumers.

Impulsive buying and shopping has been one of the major disasters people have when it comes to credit cards. This then ends them with bad credit standing and just literally having a hard time in paying their credit card bills.

In all truth, that is now the mission of these major credit card companies. They are here to actually help people who are lacking the need of money and must need to buy certain things. Needed things for their homes, businesses and even for emergency situations. A credit card will always be a big help if used properly and without the help of these companies things wouldn’t have been made easier.

Who are these major credit card companies if you need to ask? Well in 1950, it all started with the first universal charge card meaning it could be used in almost all stores and businesses. Diners Club, Inc has been the first to start the system of the credit card wherein consumers were billed monthly to yearly and was charged with an annual fee and finance charges.

In 1958, American Express paved way to the history of major credit card companies and up until today their name holds true as being one of the major ones.

In 1959, Bank of America tried their bank plan BankAmericard. The system was then used and licensed in other states in 1966 and after which got known to be what we know now, Visa. After which other major banks have followed the trend making MasterCard the next company on the list.

There are other credit cards in history, but none as important as these. There are a lot of local and regional based credit cards as well that have made a connection with national and international credit cards. With these, there is a lot on the list of credit card companies. But the ones above are a few of the major ones we know and trust as of today.

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